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Lisette Slegers 18 Aug 2018

Vehicle pages are live! You now have a dedicated place to show off your Serious-Racing rides and all the things you’ve done to make them faster and shinier. 

Check out my RSV4, for example. Here’s how it works:

  • Go to your profile (this looks a bit different too)
  • You see a list of all your vehicles
  • Click on a vehicle to go to its page

Now you are on your vehicle page, you can add up to five photos. We would love to give you unlimited images in the future, but that is a work in progress at the moment. Click on the big button to add your pics: 

Add an image to the vehicle profile

You can choose one of your photos to be displayed as your background image by clicking on the edit button on the top right of each photo: 

Change the background of your vehicle page

You can edit your vehicle’s make and model, and also add a number of other specs by clicking edit next to the title: 

Edit vehicle specs

On your timeline, you can add settings, notes, and products that you’ve added to your vehicle. If you add a product update, you can include a product rating if you like; we will be adding ways to browse products and reviews in the near future, as well as letting you explore all cars, bikes and karts on Serious-Racing. 

Product review on vehicle page

Last important point for people with karts: we now have karts as an official vehicle type in Serious-Racing. If one or more of your vehicles are karts, you can go and edit your vehicle type.

We hope you will enjoy the all-new vehicle pages: listing and logging everything you’ve done to them and checking out your friends’ rides. Let us know what you think!

Although our articles are completely independent, some contain affiliate links. This means that, if the linked website has a product for sale and you buy that product, we get a referral fee from the seller. This doesn’t make the price of the product any higher for you as a buyer. Doing this allows us to offset some of the costs we have running Serious-Racing.

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