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Serious-Racing (the site, the website, the service) is owned and operated by:

Design Deploy EIRL
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Email: support@serious-racing.com

This agreement is between you and Design Deploy EIRL (Serious-Racing, us, we, the site, the website, the service). Please read these Terms of use carefully before you start to use Serious-Racing. By using this website, you agree to be bound by these Terms of use and accept our Privacy policy. If you do not agree our Terms of use and Privacy policy, you should not use Serious-Racing.


Your safety

Your safety is very important to us. We are bike enthusiasts ourselves, and love going fast in a responsible and controlled way on a closed track. Never upload data to Serious-Racing that you have collected on public roads. We consider uploading data collected on public roads to be an irresponsible and unlawful use of our service. We will immediately and without notice terminate any user's account that uses Serious-Racing in an unlawful or irresponsible way or attempts to convince other users to use this service in an unlawful or irresponsible way.

You agree that it is your responsibility to operate your vehicle in a safe manner and within your own capabilities to ensure your own and other people's safety, and to follow all rules and directions given by track officials and instructors. Never use our service while you are operating a vehicle. Don’t go faster than you are able to, just because you are using Serious-Racing. Use Serious-Racing to learn from others, not for showing off. You may use our service to monitor and analyse the data you collect, but Serious-Racing is not responsible for any damage, injuries or deaths associated with the operation of a vehicle during, after or as a result of the use of our services.

Comparing with others

Serious-Racing lets you view comparisons with your own data and lap time data of other people, and some of them will be faster than you. You can use data comparisons to find out where faster people gain time and how they do it, provided that you accept that comparisons are not meant as tuition or guidance and no one is encouraging you to go faster than is safe or than you are comfortable with or capable of.

Faster people have more experience and better technique than you and this allows them to take better lines and go faster. If you are viewing data of faster people, neither they nor we can be held liable for any damage, injuries or deaths associated with your viewing the data of other people. You are responsible for what you do on the track because you are the one in control of your vehicle.

Your account

You must be at least 18 years old to use Serious-Racing. You have to create an account to use the service and you will need to create a password. You are responsible for choosing a password that is not easy to guess and for keeping it secure.

Cancelling your account

You may cancel your account at any time by emailing us at support@serious-racing.com.

Using Serious-Racing

Serious-Racing is for your personal and non-commercial use only. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer or sell for any commercial purposes any portion of the service, use of or access to the service.

Any reliance on Serious-Racing content is at your own risk. We cannot guarantee the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any content or communications on the site. Always make sure you have backups of your content.

While using Serious-Racing you may want to purchase third party equipment or materials (for example GPS systems, lap timer apps, vehicle parts and consumables). While Serious-Racing may recommend equipment or materials of certain third party suppliers, Serious-Racing has no responsibility for your purchase or use of any third party equipment or materials and does not guarantee that any third party equipment or materials will work with our service or be error-free.

You may publish a link to our website if it does not portray Serious-Racing in a false, misleading, or defamatory manner, and if the linking site does not contain any offensive material. You may not, without our prior written permission, frame or inline link any of the content of the site, or incorporate any of our material, content or intellectual property into another website or service.

User content

Any content that you and other users post or upload to Serious-Racing is called “user content”. All user content submitted by you will be considered non-confidential and non-exclusive. You are the owner of your user content, but you grant Serious-Racing the right to use it for any features that are on the site now or will be developed in the future, and for any purpose, including commercial and advertising purposes without any payment due to you.

Content guidelines

Serious-Racing is a positive, inclusive community of automotive enthusiasts. We welcome all our users to share their GPS lap times, notes, vehicle photos and tweaks for the community’s benefit. We do not tolerate:

  • Bullying, harassment, abuse, obscene language. Let’s keep it positive.
  • Any talk about racing on public roads (when they are not closed for a specific race event). Safety is our number one concern.
  • Spam. Only links to other pages on Serious-Racing are acceptable.

We welcome all original photos of your shiny vehicles that you own the rights to. We don’t want to see:

  • Any images that are abusive to certain groups or people.
  • Nudity. Please keep your leathers on, guys and gals.
  • Gore. No need for blood spurting or bones sticking out of your arm.

If you post any user content that is not in line with these guidelines, we may remove it without warning. Repeat offenders will have their account terminated.

When using Serious-Racing, you will come across other users' content and it is possible that this content contains images or opinions that are abusive, harmful, or otherwise inappropriate. Every user is solely responsible for the content they post or upload to Serious-Racing. We do not endorse users’ opinions that are posted on the site. Serious-Racing does not monitor or prescreen user content prior to posting. We do not undertake any obligation or liability relating to any user content or activities of users on the service, but we reserve all rights to edit, remove, or refuse to post any user content or terminate your account for any reason.

We do our best to provide you with tools to flag content that is in breach of our guidelines: please use the down arrow button on the right of any user content to report it, or email us at support@serious-racing.com when you see any posts or images that are not OK.

Interacting with other users

Serious-Racing users can add each other as friends. Both parties have to agree before the friend connection is created. Users who are connected as friends on Serious-Racing can see more of each other's profile information than non-friends: real name and email address. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other users, whether online or in person, both within the Serious-Racing website and through other platforms. Serious-Racing assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage resulting from interaction with other users of the service, persons you meet, or persons who find you through the service. You agree to take reasonable precautions in all interactions with other users, and carefully consider the personal information you are disclosing before accepting any other user as a friend.

Changes to the website or this agreement

We aim to keep on improving Serious-Racing and introduce new features, so things might change from time to time. At times we may temporarily or permanently discontinue or disable parts of or the entire Serious-Racing service without prior notice. We may occasionally change the terms of this agreement and will notify you via email in case of big changes. Serious-Racing will determine what constitutes as a big change. If Serious-Racing does change the terms of this agreement, all changes will go into effect at the time we post the updated agreement.


We are very happy to provide our services to you and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do. However, under some circumstances we may have to terminate our website. If we cannot obtain affordable rates or workable terms from a supplier, or for any other reason, we may cease to offer the services. In this event, we will aim to provide but cannot guarantee one month's notice via email.

If an account is inactive for a certain amount of time, we reserve the right to delete the account and its data. We will notify you via email before taking this action.

Serious-Racing may remove any files and data associated with your account, or suspend or terminate your use of the services at any time if we are made aware that you are in breach of any term of this agreement or you are using the services for any activity that may be illegal or in breach of a third party's rights.

Limitation of liability

The Serious-Racing software and services are provided to you as is and with no warranties. Serious-Racing will provide the services and software using reasonable skill and care. Under no circumstances will Serious-Racing be liable to you for any consequential or indirect loss of profits or economic advantage. Serious-Racing will use reasonable efforts to ensure availability of the services, but makes no guarantee that the services will be available without interruption. Serious-Racing is not responsible for the loss of any of your data or user content as a consequence of your use of the services. You should ensure that you have backups of all your data and user content.

Last updated 16th August 2018