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Track your performance. Add video. Compare with friends. Get faster

Serious-Racing laps view

Do you do trackdays? Do you use a GPS laptimer?

Serious-Racing is a free web app for car or bike racers that use a GPS lap time app or device. You can use it anywhere: on your phone when you're at the track, or at home on a big screen. Check out one of our shared laps. All you have to do is upload your data to track your performance, add Youtube videos to your laps, compare with friends, and share with everyone.

Supported apps and devices

  • RaceChrono
  • Track Day Genius
  • AIM Race Studio 2
  • Alfano
  • Qstarz
  • Harry's Laptimer
  • Trackmaster
  • XTStudio
  • RaceAnalyse

If you're just getting started, we recommend RaceChrono for Android (free), RaceChrono Pro for iOS, or Track Day Genius for iPhone (free for 10 sessions). Works best in combination with a Garmin Glo.

Are we not supporting the app you use? Email us:

Compare with friends

Compare with friends, even if they weren't there on the same day as you. Select one of your laps and compare with up to three friends' fastest times.

Add video

Do you shoot video when you're on the track? Add an extra dimension to your GPS data by linking Youtube videos to your laps.

Track your progress

Track your progress and identify areas you can improve on. Select up to four laps and see how much faster you took those corners on your last trackday!

Sharing options

Compare with yourself, with friends, or share with everyone: it's up to you. You can make your racing experience as social or as private as you want.

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  • Track your performance
  • Add Youtube videos to your laps
  • Compare with friends
  • Share with everyone