Turn your GoPro into a lap timer

Lisette Slegers 18 Jan 2019

Are you stuck with a built-in lap timer or any other device that we don’t yet support? There’s hope for you if you have one of the latest GoPro models, now Serious-Racing lets you turn your GoPro into a lap timer!

A lot of people on Serious-Racing use a GoPro camera to record videos of their track time. Videos are great because they add so much to your GPS data: apart from letting you relive your moments of glory and share them with friends and family, videos will help you prepare for a trackday by letting you visualise and learn or re-learn the track layout. What’s even better is that some GoPro models record GPS data – such as GoPro HERO7 Silver or HERO7 Black – and we now support this as a data format on Serious-Racing! This means you can effectively turn your GoPro into a lap timer.

We now support GoPro GPS data on Serious-Racing

At the moment, we only extract the GPS data from your video files; the video itself doesn’t get uploaded. This is definitely an option we want to add in the future, but we know some of our users are so keen to start uploading their laps that we didn’t want to keep them waiting any longer. In the meantime it is always possible to add video to your laps after you upload them.

To start uploading laps from your GoPro videos, simply go to the Upload page and select your video. Please note you need to do this on a computer, it won’t work from a mobile phone. Check out the video below to see how easy it is, or go to the step-by-step explanation in our Help section.

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