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Lisette Slegers 15 Aug 2018

We thought it was time to give a bit more attention to that which we think pretty much all Serious-Racing users are very much into: our vehicles.

It’s been a bit quiet on this blog while we’ve been adding more analysis tools for racers and trackday enthusiasts over the past few years, and now we are about to launch something completely different. 

What we have been working on for the past few months and are hoping to put live very soon is a shiny dedicated page for your car, bike or kart (or any vehicle you use on Serious-Racing). A place where you can add a few photos and log everything you do with your vehicle: settings, upgrades, or just general thoughts or notes. The finished product will look something like this:

Vehicle pages on Serious-Racing

There will be the option to review parts and products that you have used. We think it will be great to see what other people have done with their bikes and cars and read their opinion on the upgrades they’ve done. You will also be able to comment and ask questions.

We are working on the finishing touches and since we are doing a few more bits along with this major upgrade, please bear with us while we try to make this change as smooth as possible. We will also be updating our Terms of use and Privacy policy in line with the new rules, so expect an email about that when we go live with all of this.

Although our articles are completely independent, some contain affiliate links. This means that, if the linked website has a product for sale and you buy that product, we get a referral fee from the seller. This doesn’t make the price of the product any higher for you as a buyer. Doing this allows us to offset some of the costs we have running Serious-Racing.

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