Pinpoint accurate track outlines

Tom Haddon 22 Dec 2023

We've been working on some map changes recently and wanted to talk about what we're doing and why.

Back in 2020 we switched to a new maps system. Doing this gave us more flexibility and allowed us to grow the site more without running into usage limits. And now we're adding something pretty unique to these maps – pinpoint accurate track outlines. 

Many tracks vary in width at different parts, with some narrow sections and some big wide sweeping turns. Our maps will now reflect this – with guaranteed accuracy to the nearest 30 cm. The same will apply for curbing.

This will give a much more accurate representation of your position on track at any time, and allow us to do so pretty cool things in the future, including course correction for less accurate GPS traces.

You can see this already for Le Mans BugattiSpa, Cadwell Park, Oulton Park, Donington Park GPMallory Park, Snetterton 300, Mugello, Alès or Carole.

Over the coming months we'll roll this out for more of the most popular tracks.

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